10 Best Embarrassingly Awesome Costumes

Posted: November 16, 2014 in New Post, Top Ten List
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Elmo Costume

If you’re like us, in the days following the best day of the year, you’ve already started contemplating what your costume will be next Halloween. It’s the time where regular folk like to play dress up and pretend they are a superhero, zombie or slutty nurse. Or slutty zombie. And about 99% of the time, the results are embarrassingly awesome, so they tell themselves “there’s always next year.”

And next year will likely provide the same results. On that, here’s a retrospective of the Best Embarrassingly Awesome Costumes.

10. Avatar…?
halloween costume fail - Avatar
“Yo, Katrina, what’s with all the blue frosting on my momma’s sofa?”

9. Color Man
Halloween - Color Man

8. Plastic Beach Toys
halloween costume fail - Beach Toy Man
In his defense, it’s hard to find a good outfit for those sunglasses.

7. Hairy Troll
halloween costume fail - Hairy Troll
Still the best cable installation guy in town, though. Hands down.

6. Wonder Woman
halloween costume fail - Wonder Woman
Wonder how this woman looked into a mirror and…scratch that. Wonder how this woman didn’t realize part of the outfit was on backwards before posing? No, scratch that…there’s just…so…many…questions…

More embarrassing awesomeness after the jump…

5. Pink Family
halloween costume fail - Pink Family
Sorry, this isn’t Halloween-themed. This, oddly, is a Columbus Day photo. We’ll slate it for removal immediately.

4. Garbage Batman
halloween costume fail - Garbage Batman
One man’s garbage is another man’s garbage bag batman.

3. Star Wars
halloween costume fail - R2D2
R2 D-tarded.

2. The Flash
The Flash
Kinda’ makes you wish the camera didn’t have a flash.

1. Spy Kids
halloween costume fail - Spy Kids
We all remember when Robert Rodriguez went too far to promote Spy Kids.

Got any that are embarrassingly worse/better? Send them to us or post them in the comments section.


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