Top Ten Best Kim Kardashian Butt Comparisons

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Celebrities, New Post
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We have all seen Kim Kardashian’s bare booty by now. Some love Kim Kardashian, some hate her,. Either way, her recent pants-dropping picture has brought an onslaught of spoofs and memes flooding across social media. We decided to share a few of our favorites with you, and hopefully do our part in breaking the internet — even though Al Gore said ” I built the internet to be unbreakable. Who does this Kim girl think she is? One of those rappers’ girlfriends?”

1. Thanks, I now can never eat glazed donuts without thinking of a glazed-over set of buttocks…
images (91)

2.  Blonde tail and black hair up top. One of those is not her natural color.
images (88)

3. If you do not like her, would this be enough to make you want to use Internet explorer over Google Chrome? Let’s be honest, that would take a lot to make us switch to Internet Explorer.
images (76)

4. This is probably my favorite,  I do not even have to say anything else.
2014-11-20 00.20.19

5. NAILED IT!!! This one made you smile, you poor unfortunate soul.

More giant booty after the jump…

6. NEVER MIND, Scratch that… Peter Griffin‘s butt chin is my favorite. This is even a better butt chin than John Travolta‘s.
2014-11-20 00.22.12

7. I think this one gets the point across.
2014-11-20 00.22.50

8. SO much class in one picture.
2014-11-20 00.21.08

9. Buns… Ahhh, okay. I see what you did there…
2014-11-20 00.24.37

10. And last but not least… You can never look at this dear childhood toy the same. This picture did not break the internet, just our childhood.
2014-11-20 00.23.24

Did we miss any booty pics? Send them to us or post links in the comments section.


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