This is a good reason to stay home and shop on Cyber Monday vs Black Friday.

1. This girl wouldn’t let go of the package even after the cops are trying to arrest her.

2. What size are those panties anyway? Extra large & in charge?

3. Getting trampled over saving a few bucks…. that seems like a great idea.

4. This woman goes to the ground to defend her TV — as people try to take it from her.

5. There you go, Guys!!! Good job!! Falling on the TV you are wanting to buy, makes it all worth it.

6. Craziness…

7. Watch close, there are two fights at once in this video. Double feature!

8. Before I save myself from being trampled by 5000 people, let me fix my weave.

Remember what the season is meant to be about. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends. We cannot grasp how people act like this over a TV.

Got a video that tops these? Comment below and show us!!!


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