Today marks 10 years since Pantera and Damageplan guitar player Darrell Lance Abbott was tragically killed on stage by a crazy delusional “fan”. He was known to the world and his fans as the mighty Dimebag Darrell. He had his signature sound, his signature drink “black tooth grin”, his signature guitars and his signature pink or red goatee. He was any thing but ordinary.

This year Loudwire put together several videos from his peers in music remembering moments about him and his music. It is easily noticed when hearing anyone speak about him, that not only his music is remembered, but what an amazing, kind, and genuine person he truly was is just as much his legacy.  Here is a compilations of a few of them and some music in memory of him. Enjoy and crank up the Pantera and Damageplan today and have a black tooth grin.

And the man himself tearing up Moscow, Russia.

Zakk Wylde’s tear jerking tribute to the fallen guitar god.

What is your favorite Dimebag story or song? Tell us in the comments section.


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