With all the police brutality out of control, below are 11 moments that remind us again how dangerous these men and women that hide behind the badge truly are…


1. This violent angry police officer had the nerve to actually rescue these ducks when they fell through a storm drain. This out of control cop jumped into the drain and imprisoned the baby ducks in a plastic bucket. Can a duck not walk down the road without having to be worried about it’s ducklings being falsely imprisoned?

2. These police officers are clearly Darth Vader’s servants and he is unhappy with them. How long will we allow the militarized police to work for The Dark Side?

3. This man who hides behind a badge, was disgusting enough to make a dream come true for a blind child and took him out for the day in a police cruiser and even made him a cake. This kind of behavior is what causes criminals to get hurt when resisting arrest. What kind of world do we live in??? Where does it end???


4. How much more proof do you need??? Police lining up to salute a dog that is on his last trip to the vet…a dog that spend its life cleaning up drug dealers off the street.

5. Now police are attacking innocent chunks of snow on the side of the road. #snowslifematters

6. This cop stopped to harass a turtle as he crosses the street. This violent and angry officer stopped while the turtle crossed the street, he blocked traffic and harassed the turtle with hurtful slurs. He was reported to say things like, “Hey, slow poke, looks like Splinter and April can’t help you now!” and “Hey, was that a snail passing you?”

7. I can’t even…I so can’t even…

8. Not only was a violent and abuse of power displayed, but he left a note to mock the victims’ car which was destroyed. #JusticeforHonda

9. This racist and power hungry maniac helped make this young man’s dream come true in becoming a cop for a day, and went as far as to get him a uniform. He stopped in to show him his new police cruiser and has become “friends” with the young man. So now they are recruiting the innocent…shameful…

10. If one picture stood out to me as the poster child for racist, murdering cops, this would be it. The little lad asked the cop if he helps people, which the cop replied “Yes, I do.” “Can you tie my shoe?” was the little boy’s response. How much more can we take people? When will we march in the streets till this kind of thing is stopped???

11. This cop stops and gives a woman a ride home, after she was just trying to enjoy a wet, rainy, cold walk home. Have we no freedom? Can we not walk home with our kids in the cold and rain and not be given rides?

We are sorry if any of these upset you. Please contact your local representatives and inform them you will not stand for anymore acts of “kindness”. Please stay safe and try not to become victim to one of these overly inhuman police officers like the ones you saw on this page. 



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