The Best “FAT AXL ROSE” Memes On The Internet

Posted: December 29, 2014 in New Post
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If you haven’t seen or heard him in recent years this might come as a shock to you…

*****WARNING******** SPOILERS AHEAD********* THIS WILL RUIN THE 80’s FOR YOU********

1. We now found away to make sure he is at a gig on time…he also ask to play with Meatloaf,  Korn, Cream, Bread, The Cranberries and Cake.


2. Well now we have an explanation for the missed concerts.


3. Those golden arches are always open for you big guy… WELCOME TO THE ARCHES WE GOT BURGERS AND FRIES.


4. AXL Stop eating the groupies….


5. Is this so hard to ask?


6. The pie thing seems to be a common theme in world of the Axl MEME

images (2)

7. This is a marketing opportunity, They sing songs in some of the cold stones I have been in, AXL could start writing some for them.

images (3)

8. I have no words… just several LOLs to insert


9. This one made me spit my drink out when I read it.


10. A video… to wrap this up.


What are the top rock stars that should just call it quits? Comment below and tell us!

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