1. Ron Perlman



2.Patrick Stewart



3. Snoop Dog



4. Rick James



5. Peyton Manning



6. Cher 



7. Samuel L. Jackson



8. Donald Trump



9. Whoopi Goldberg 



10. Kristen Stewart 



With all the police brutality out of control, below are 11 moments that remind us again how dangerous these men and women that hide behind the badge truly are…


1. This violent angry police officer had the nerve to actually rescue these ducks when they fell through a storm drain. This out of control cop jumped into the drain and imprisoned the baby ducks in a plastic bucket. Can a duck not walk down the road without having to be worried about it’s ducklings being falsely imprisoned?

2. These police officers are clearly Darth Vader’s servants and he is unhappy with them. How long will we allow the militarized police to work for The Dark Side?

3. This man who hides behind a badge, was disgusting enough to make a dream come true for a blind child and took him out for the day in a police cruiser and even made him a cake. This kind of behavior is what causes criminals to get hurt when resisting arrest. What kind of world do we live in??? Where does it end???


4. How much more proof do you need??? Police lining up to salute a dog that is on his last trip to the vet…a dog that spend its life cleaning up drug dealers off the street.

5. Now police are attacking innocent chunks of snow on the side of the road. #snowslifematters

6. This cop stopped to harass a turtle as he crosses the street. This violent and angry officer stopped while the turtle crossed the street, he blocked traffic and harassed the turtle with hurtful slurs. He was reported to say things like, “Hey, slow poke, looks like Splinter and April can’t help you now!” and “Hey, was that a snail passing you?”

7. I can’t even…I so can’t even…
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Today marks 10 years since Pantera and Damageplan guitar player Darrell Lance Abbott was tragically killed on stage by a crazy delusional “fan”. He was known to the world and his fans as the mighty Dimebag Darrell. He had his signature sound, his signature drink “black tooth grin”, his signature guitars and his signature pink or red goatee. He was any thing but ordinary.

This year Loudwire put together several videos from his peers in music remembering moments about him and his music. It is easily noticed when hearing anyone speak about him, that not only his music is remembered, but what an amazing, kind, and genuine person he truly was is just as much his legacy.  Here is a compilations of a few of them and some music in memory of him. Enjoy and crank up the Pantera and Damageplan today and have a black tooth grin.

And the man himself tearing up Moscow, Russia.

Zakk Wylde’s tear jerking tribute to the fallen guitar god.

What is your favorite Dimebag story or song? Tell us in the comments section.

Ready for some of the best beards from the Metal and Rock world? This list is in no certain order … and their place on the list has no bearing on how awesome of a musician they are.

1. Zakk Wylde:  One of our favorites is Father Zakk, the metal master that started out with Ozzy as a clean shaven, baby faced 19-year-old. Now days, though, he’s traded in the clean look for one that would appear to be a guest spot on Sons of Anarchy. He currently fronts his band Black Label Society and grooms his beyond awesome beard.


2. Dimebag Darrel: The guitar god put a smile on the faces of almost everyone he met. He could shred with the best of them and was lead guitar in Pantera and Damageplan. His pink goatee has become a trade mark in the many memorials in his memory. December 8th marks the anniversary of his tragic death, so remember to have a round of black tooth grin in his honor.

. Dimebag-Darrell

3. Scott Ian: Anthrax‘s guitar player has sported the billy goat for a long, long time. This metal master is a legend for more than just his face whiskers, As part of the Big Four (Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, and Anthrax) he has been impressing young and old metal heads for generations.


4. Wayne Static: We were saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Static earlier this year. He was front man for the band Static X and known for his crazy hair and facial hair. With his insanely spiked hair and his extremely long goatee, he had a look that one did not forget. With hits like “Push It“, he will not be forgotten in the music world.


5. ZZ Top: Before you panic, remember this list is in no particular order. If it were, these guys would be at the top of the list just like they are in our hearts. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill sport these beyond manly man manes, and the one man who doesn’t have a beard all of the time? Oddly enough, his name is Frank Beard. How true to the beard are they? Gillette Offered them 1 million dollars to shave their beards as a publicity stunt and they quickly turned them down.


6. Kerry King: The lead guitar player for the thrash and speed metal legends, SLAYER, has not only some of the meanest chops in metal but also maybe the meanest looks out there. With the tattoos across his head and his intense look added to that gym rope-sized beard, he looks like the Drill Sgt. for Metal Boot Camp.


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This is a good reason to stay home and shop on Cyber Monday vs Black Friday.

1. This girl wouldn’t let go of the package even after the cops are trying to arrest her.

2. What size are those panties anyway? Extra large & in charge?

3. Getting trampled over saving a few bucks…. that seems like a great idea.

4. This woman goes to the ground to defend her TV — as people try to take it from her.

5. There you go, Guys!!! Good job!! Falling on the TV you are wanting to buy, makes it all worth it.

6. Craziness…

7. Watch close, there are two fights at once in this video. Double feature!

8. Before I save myself from being trampled by 5000 people, let me fix my weave.

Remember what the season is meant to be about. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends. We cannot grasp how people act like this over a TV.

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Sure, these ladies were attractive then and considered not only hot by some, but sex symbols by most. But take a look at these pics from their 90’s sitcom days and what they are walking around like today. Um, yeah. There’s not much of a debate if they look better today or 20+ years ago.


Katey Sagal
Show: “Married… with Children”




Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Show: “Seinfeld”




Courteney Cox
Show: “Friends”




Khandi Alexander
Show: “NewsRadio”




Jennifer Aniston
Show: “Friends”




Jada Pinkett Smith
Show: “A Different World”




Connie Britton
Show: “Spin City”



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