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Here are a few awesome Photoshop fails. Some are professional and some are a random person trying to make themselves look better.

1. Half Hulk syndrome. If this was a guy I could believe he had one arm that big….


2. Nice ABS dude!!  Hold on a second…


3. Some of these are meant to be a joke…right?


4. Mr President and his wife are so loving holding hands.. all three of them.


5. Lets not jump to conclusions, they could be triplets right?


6. When you just have to give yourself that extra little bit of booty…


7. Nice dude, you been lifting?


8. Either there is a dude lifting directly behind you… or someone is trying to pull a fast one.



The leader of North Korea has the maturity level of a spoiled 15 year old female. He has cried about a movie, a youtube video and anyone else that pokes fun at him in anyway. I would like to say one more time from us at ATRIBBLEDMIND to Mr. Kim Jong Un,



Here for your viewing pleasure is a video that he again threatened war over. We can’t stop laughing at it…




cowboyChris Pratt has been offered everything since Guardians Of The Galaxy. Let’s keep our eyes on Cowboy Ninja Viking, Universal’s adaptation of the graphic novel. Not sure which of the three he’ll play, but Pratt has been circling the picture for some time, and now I hear things are starting to move. Actually, he plays all three in writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo’s graphic novel about a highly trained assassin – suffering from multiple personality disorder. Producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady and Ben Forkner, a co-production between the Mark Gordon Company and Film 360. Bryan Zuriff is exec producer. Craig Mazin wrote the most recent draft. Pratt’s next pic is Jurassic World for Universal. He’s repped by CAA and Mosaic.

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We have all seen Kim Kardashian’s bare booty by now. Some love Kim Kardashian, some hate her,. Either way, her recent pants-dropping picture has brought an onslaught of spoofs and memes flooding across social media. We decided to share a few of our favorites with you, and hopefully do our part in breaking the internet — even though Al Gore said ” I built the internet to be unbreakable. Who does this Kim girl think she is? One of those rappers’ girlfriends?”

1. Thanks, I now can never eat glazed donuts without thinking of a glazed-over set of buttocks…
images (91)

2.  Blonde tail and black hair up top. One of those is not her natural color.
images (88)

3. If you do not like her, would this be enough to make you want to use Internet explorer over Google Chrome? Let’s be honest, that would take a lot to make us switch to Internet Explorer.
images (76)

4. This is probably my favorite,  I do not even have to say anything else.
2014-11-20 00.20.19

5. NAILED IT!!! This one made you smile, you poor unfortunate soul.

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This video spreading across the internet is guaranteed to make you smile, and if you can’t smile at this… well, you need to loosen up a little. So kick back, relax and watch this heartwarming video.

Elmo Costume

If you’re like us, in the days following the best day of the year, you’ve already started contemplating what your costume will be next Halloween. It’s the time where regular folk like to play dress up and pretend they are a superhero, zombie or slutty nurse. Or slutty zombie. And about 99% of the time, the results are embarrassingly awesome, so they tell themselves “there’s always next year.”

And next year will likely provide the same results. On that, here’s a retrospective of the Best Embarrassingly Awesome Costumes.

10. Avatar…?
halloween costume fail - Avatar
“Yo, Katrina, what’s with all the blue frosting on my momma’s sofa?”

9. Color Man
Halloween - Color Man

8. Plastic Beach Toys
halloween costume fail - Beach Toy Man
In his defense, it’s hard to find a good outfit for those sunglasses.

7. Hairy Troll
halloween costume fail - Hairy Troll
Still the best cable installation guy in town, though. Hands down.

6. Wonder Woman
halloween costume fail - Wonder Woman
Wonder how this woman looked into a mirror and…scratch that. Wonder how this woman didn’t realize part of the outfit was on backwards before posing? No, scratch that…there’s just…so…many…questions…

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